Friday, April 2, 2010

Dog Shaped Chocolate Novelty Bulk

Spotted Dog: 24 CT

Spotted Dog: 24 CT

These Adorable Spotted Dogs are from the Master Chocolatiers at Mark Avenue. This bulk package contains 24 individually packaged adorable dog shaped chocolates. If you are a purchaser of candy for resale, through a store, for a fundraiser, food or craft fair or any other event where items are for sale, these may be an item to consider. The online store through which these are available also has other bulk buy candy items that would be perfect for resale.

This package of 24 would also be a great buy for those occasions where you have many people to get gifts for. Anyone would enjoy receiving this delicious chocolate that is shaped like an adorable dog.

Spotted Dog Specifications -
  • Dogs per Shipment: 24
  • Weight per Shipment: 5 pounds
  • Total Shipment Weight: Approximately 6 pounds

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