Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cat Shaped Chocolate Candy of White and Milk Chocolates

Spotted Cat: 24 CT

Spotted Cat: 24 CT

These cat shaped chocolates are made of delicious white chocolate and milk chocolate, swirled to create the look of a spotted cat.

The packaging is for 24 candy cats that weigh 2.25 oz. each for a total shipping weight of about 6 pounds. The price listed is for 24 chocolate candy cats.

Spotted Cat: 24 count

Chocolates Shaped Like Rabbits

Sitting Rabbit Milk Chocolate 6oz: 12 Count

Sitting Rabbit Milk Chocolate 6 oz: 12 Count

Great for Easter candy treats or to use for decorations on a cake. Made of milk chocolate and shaped like rabbits that are sitting.

Each one is wrapped in a cello bag to ensure the best quality and taste.

These delicious chocolates come as 12 candy rabbits in a package. Price listed is for 12 individually wrapped chocolate rabbits.

Counts per Order: 12 Count
Candy Type: Packaged Candy
Size of Product: 6 oz per count
Total Shipping Weight: Approximately 5.5 Pounds

Sitting Rabbit Milk Chocolate 6 oz: 12 Count

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Home Sweet Home Chocolate House or Other Custom Shape

Home Sweet Home
House Shape Chocolate Bar

This Home Sweet Home House Shaped Chocolate Bar is made by the Totally Chocolate company. It is popular as open house party snacks and favors or house warming treats, as a few ideas for parties and events chocolates, as well as a popular choice of real estate agents as client gifts.

It is a bulk pack of 50 pieces, with each piece being a 2.5" x 3.5" custom-shaped milk chocolate house that is individually packaged in a clear wrapper. The price shown is for 50 pieces.

The Totally Chocolate company will do engraving on chocolate of any design that you wish. Totally Chocolate's unique engraving turns fine chocolate into an effective business promotion also.

Besides the flavor and aroma of pure Belgian chocolate, your custom design can include text, illustrations, even detailed engineering drawings.

Custom designs are available in sizes ranging from small coins to 2 lb. bars the size of a license plate. They also offer imaginative packaging options, including custom-printed lids -- any colors, any design, any quantity.

Get more details about their Custom Chocolate Bar Engraving

Sailboat Shaped White Chocolate Candy

Sailboat shaped almond butter crunch, with a mainsail and jib of white chocolate, floating in rich dark chocolate with pecan spindrift along the sides. Great theme gift for anyone who enjoys water sports, boats, sailboats or sailing. And a great tasting candy gift for anyone.

In 1973, Ben Strohecker challenged himself to create the "best piece of candy in the world". It was then that he created the Sweet Sloops sailboat shaped candy. Harbor Sweets' Sweet Sloops are now their "signature" chocolate. They began making them in 1973 in their founder's kitchen in Marblehead. Since that time, they have become world famous and to this day remain their top selling chocolate!

24 pieces in gift box.

Sweet Sloops 24 Piece Gift Box

Semi Sweet Chocolate For Fondue Fountains

These chocolate chips are made with a special recipe especially for use in chocolate fondue fountains, popular for wedding receptions and parties.

They can also be used at home, when baking cookies, in place of any other chocolate chips you usually use in a recipe. You'll be amazed at the difference in taste!

Made in the USA from all natural ingredients and kosher certified, it contains no hydrogenated oils or substituted vegetable fats. Contains 58.5% of cocoa solids.

Sephra's Premium chocolate fountain chocolate is packaged in 2 lb. bags for convenient portion control and for better product shelf life.

Fountain Ready. No extra ingredients needed. Packaged as a 4 pound box (contains two 2 lb. bags for convenient portion control and for better product shelf life).

Sephra Premium Dark Semi Sweet Fondue Chocolate 4lb Box

Chocolate Fountain for Party or Wedding

Monday, March 21, 2011

Plaque Made of Chocolate With Mother Poem

Chocolate Mother Plaque
With Poem

This chocolate plaque has a heartfelt message in the form of a poem.

The beautiful poem reads:
"To one who bears the sweetest name
and adds luster to the same
Long life to her, for there's no other
who takes the place of my dear mother".

A sweet way to say things that are not said every day.

Any mother would be thrilled with this sweet reminder of the love you share.

Great Mother's Day gift.

The chocolate is wrapped in cello and tied with a festive bow.

Chocolate Mother Plaque With Poem