Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Home Sweet Home Chocolate House or Other Custom Shape

Home Sweet Home
House Shape Chocolate Bar

This Home Sweet Home House Shaped Chocolate Bar is made by the Totally Chocolate company. It is popular as open house party snacks and favors or house warming treats, as a few ideas for parties and events chocolates, as well as a popular choice of real estate agents as client gifts.

It is a bulk pack of 50 pieces, with each piece being a 2.5" x 3.5" custom-shaped milk chocolate house that is individually packaged in a clear wrapper. The price shown is for 50 pieces.

The Totally Chocolate company will do engraving on chocolate of any design that you wish. Totally Chocolate's unique engraving turns fine chocolate into an effective business promotion also.

Besides the flavor and aroma of pure Belgian chocolate, your custom design can include text, illustrations, even detailed engineering drawings.

Custom designs are available in sizes ranging from small coins to 2 lb. bars the size of a license plate. They also offer imaginative packaging options, including custom-printed lids -- any colors, any design, any quantity.

Get more details about their Custom Chocolate Bar Engraving

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